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In today’s digitally powered world, companies are struggling with how to become digital leaders in their respective industry. JazLabs works with companies to develop their digital business in a broad context, be that in re-imagining their business models, exploring new growth avenues or better ways of connecting with customers. We operate in a learning lab environment where we collaborate with our clients to prototype new platforms, learn, adapt and iterate as we create the digital road forward to successful business transformation.

Summary Of Services

  • Business Transformation

    JazLabs partners with companies to find unique strategies to transform business within the digital framework. We work with executive teams to bring digital holistically into the overall company strategy. Whether this involves building e-commerce platforms, customer engagement platforms or evolving internal processes, technology and teams, the goal is to identify and exploit new opportunities for businesses to reinvest themselves, increase sales and build a stronger, more loyal customer base.

  • Engagement Platforms

    The engagement platforms we design and build take the digital principles that have evolved online and enable brands to extend beyond marketing and advertising. Our platforms adapt, enhance and redefine the core business offering and provide a secure network where customers can connect, collaborate, transact and co-create experience of your brand in a highly socially relevant way.

  • Digital Innovation

    We partner with brands to craft, build and launch new products, services and experiences into the market that leverage digital technologies to disrupt existing business practices.

  • Data & Analytics

    Customer data is a critical business asset and companies should ensure they own and have full access to their own data. We will help you build and mine customer data to identify key insights to support ongoing evolution of the customer experience.

  • E-Commerce Platforms

    E-commerce continues to grow rapidly on a global basis. In addition to reaching new customers, there are opportunities to reduce transaction time, shrink cost and enhance convenience. JazLabs is experienced in the design and delivery of e-commerce platforms.

  • Online Payment Solutions

    With a myriad of online payment solutions available, JazLabs will help you identify the best solution that meets your business objectives. We can either build a custom solution or leverage an existing 3rd party solution and seamlessly integrate it into your business.

  • Software Development

    We build platforms that provide a cohesive customer experience across desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Systems Integration

    The efficiencies, cost savings and time savings gained through integration of systems can be significant, both internally and for the customer experience perspective. We will evaluate opportunities for integration and work with your existing (and new) software providers to digitally connect systems. We also build APIs to enable 3rd parties to utilize the platforms we build and to grow an ecosystem around the platforms.

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Disrupt your business before someone else does

Partner with us to explore, test and exploit the tremendous opportunities that digital affords to transform your business, humanize your brands and elevate your customer experience.